Your new website in 13 points.

1. What do you need?

You can ask me for a free estimate of your project and present it in a PDF file, as graphics, words and even the solutions you liked in the competition or with the idea that we will create your store from scratch together. I will be happy to price it, I will help you come up with the look or functionality as well as explain everything about running a website.

Projektowanie stron - wypozyczalnia samochodów
Projektowanie stron - wypozyczalnia samochodów
Projektowanie stron internetowych - mały biznes

2. Website type.

By contacting me, you can ask for help or opinions about the website – that’s what I’m here for. We can set the category for your website. Does It fit a Single Page, Multi Page or maybe an idea to implement a store.

3. Availability on any device.

More and more people are using mobile devices to browse the web. According to statistics, as many as 90% of Internet users use mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets. Therefore, if you want to reach your target audience, you cannot ignore the importance of website responsiveness.

Nowoczesna strona internetowa

4. Modern look.

I create modern websites, at the customer’s request, you can add to the website: night and day mode of the website. Many people, like me, can’t look at completely white pages, and some people are bothered by the dark theme of the page – why not compromise? Click the day and night symbol in the top navigation bar and try it yourself.

5. Functional and fast.

I always try to create nice, functional and, above all, fast websites. At the customer’s request, systems such as: reservation of dates for holiday homes, cars, bicycles and all other places or equipment can be created. Also in online stores, a connection of online banking is available so that the customer can pay quickly and efficiently, e.g. with Paypal.


Also, less advanced things such as: creating a contact form that will send messages from the website to your gmail or your special company email like

Funkcjonalność strony internetowej
Funkcjonalność strony internetowej
Edycja mojej strony internetowej
Edycja mojej strony internetowej

6. Website editing without coding knowlage

After I create the website, you will be able to update the content on your website yourself, such as: contact details, photos, videos, catalogs or texts.

7. Administration of Your site

After creating the site, you can also purchase complete maintenance of the site. This includes everything from the previously mentioned changes to the website, to adding new subpages, sections, products, troubleshooting, customer care, backups, updating and servicing the website and the CMS system.


This offer always puts you #1 when you need help or work on your site. After receiving the notification, work on your website will start no longer than after 30 minutes.

Całkowita opieka nad twoją stroną internetową
pozyskiwanie klienta na stronę
pozyskiwanie klienta na stronę2

8. Your website, the main place to find new client.

Social media is supposed to drive traffic to your website, not the other way around. An interested customer, after checking your socials, should go to your website.


Creating and adding to the website a system that will add your latest Facebook or Instagram posts will give the website more life, cross-platform traffic and show the client that you are active. Linking your social media in some interesting way will also let us know a little more about you.

9. Blog - your position in google.

It is often thought that blogging is just keeping a diary. However, nowadays a blog is a key element of building a company’s image on the web. I can not only implement a blog on your website, but also edit the content for you.


blogging is one of the best ways to improve your website’s positioning in Google search results.
Pozycjonowanie SEO
Zdjęcia dla Twojej firmy

10. Photos and graphics for your business

It’s not always possible to take professional photos of your business, which is why my service offerings include the option to choose photos from worldwide stock databases that will perfectly match your website.

11. Regulations, GDPR and cookies

Nowadays, almost every website uses cookies. Writing a privacy policy and adding cookies for your website is essential.


In the case of online stores or the provision of services, things such as: store/service regulations or returns regulations will also be prepared. When buying on our website, the customer must know how and if he can return/complain about the item.

Pliki cookies dla Twojej strony
Rozwój Twojej strony wordpress

12. The possibility of developing the site.

I create websites using CMS WordPress + Elementor PRO. In most cases, I use my own theme, which I optimized by removing unnecessary elements and widgets that negatively affected the page loading speed. In addition, I adapt each page to the individual needs of the client, writing code for new widgets or a theme that meets their expectations.


Once the website creation process is complete, there are many opportunities to develop and improve it. You can add an online store, blog, language versions, booking system and many other functionalities.


Website from A to Z

The price of a website does not result from what our eye sees at the end of cooperation, but from dozens of activities that must be performed to make even the simplest website work. All the things it does when creating a page are:

Price table


200 USD

Lead time:
7 – 10 days
Dedicated to photographers, animators and all people in the industry where presentation is important.

Multi Page

400 USD

Lead time:
10-20 days
Dedicated to people with more information that needs to be presented in a non-overwhelming way and a great way to be top in google.

Single Page

300 USD

Lead time:
7 – 14 days
Dedicated to people who want a clear presentation of information on their website.

Price list of additional services

1 hour of work on the site

Whether it's a system update, texts, form addition or any other work
40 USD

Site administration

zapomnij o konserwacji, I'll do everything for you. In the FAQ you will find all the information
starting 50 USD / month

Additional language version

Adding another language to a ready-made page in the case of Polish can be written by me
70 USD


This is a type of logo consisting of the company name alone. It does not contain a signet or a graphic sign.
starting 40 USD


Logo with a graphic sign. The price differs from the degree of difficulty of execution, see the portfolio for sample logos
starting 60 USD

Additional subpage

Adding another subpage to the finished page, regardless of the type and category of the page

30 USD


This is perfect for people who can’t or don’t want to play around with their site. You can think of it as an accountant. I’m good at my job but I’m not an accountant – so let someone else do it for me.


Is the price the same for everyone? – No, because some sites don’t need as much effort as others. A website containing several services, where the price, text and photos in the galleries change 2-3 times a month will cost much less than a subscription for an online store, where there will be 50 offers that will have to be monitored, more added and obsolete deleted.


What activities does the care include? Everything you as a customer need.


  • Updating the CMS version
  • Updating plugins
  • Repair of possible conflicts or errors arising in new versions of the software.
  • Make regular backups and store them in a separate place from the site
  • Editing the site, from simple text updates, hours of operation, price lists. After completely adapting the website to trends, days (Christmas look or for a special occasion / promotion)
  • Adding subpages
  • Adding products to the store
  • Customer service if encountering any problem
  • Regular blogging
  • looking for a niche that can be used to create a better article than the competition, thus climbing in the google ranking
  • 24/7 antivirus monitoring

The minimum price for a website administration subscription is 50 USD per month

A stock photo is a photo that is available for public use, which can be used for commercial or non-commercial purposes.


Stock photos are usually taken by professional photographers and are available in many formats and sizes.

The answer is simple, as much as the website needs. Coming to me with a project, we do not immediately have the final product in front of our eyes.


Of course, you can speculate that a bike repair shop will need 3-4 photos of their main services.


Some people use free ready-made templates where they have the assumption of, for example, 4 photos in advance.


You also have to use common sense, so it will usually be 4 to 6 photos.

No, the given price is not the final price and is subject to change during the valuation, the price of the project may change depending on many factors, such as an additional subpage for the single page service, creating a logo, a more extensive section of the website that the client cares about. or some system (e.g. booking dates)

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