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Ajax online stores

My specialty is online stores based on Ajax functions, but what exactly is such a function and what does it bring to the online store?

Ajax, which is an acronym for AJAX = Asynchronous JavaScript And XML, is a technology that allows you to build interactive websites that are faster and more responsive than traditional websites. In the case of an online store based on this technology, all operations, such as adding products to the basket or browsing the catalog, can be performed without refreshing the entire page.

Advantages of a store created using AJAX technology

Thanks to asynchronous communication with the server, the store’s website can be more dynamic and fluid. Changes to the content, such as adding products to the cart or updating the status of the order, can be performed without the need to refresh the entire page.

The AJAX technology allows you to load only the necessary data from the server, without having to download the entire page. This speeds up the store and reduces loading times, which is very important for customer satisfaction.

Thanks to asynchronous requests to the server, the amount of data sent between the browser and the server is kept to a minimum. This allows better use of server resources and minimizes latency.

Thanks to asynchronous requests to the server, the amount of data sent between the browser and the server is kept to a minimum. This allows better use of server resources and minimizes latency.

Thanks to AJAX technology, customers can make changes to the order or basket without losing progress in browsing the store. This is a convenient solution that can increase conversions.

What will you get extra for free?

SEO optimization

Basic SEO optimization for all your subpages and products in the store, find your website in Google and save 500+ $!

SSL certificate

Your online store will receive full data encryption and will appear on Google as secure.


I will guide you step by step how you can take care of your shop yourself, add and remove products, create promotions and even change the look of your shop!

Why is it worth creating an online store?

Nowadays, when more and more transactions are moving to the Internet, having your own online store is not only convenient, but also profitable. The main advantage of the online store is the ability to access it 24/7. Customers can browse your products and make purchases anytime, no matter where they are.

Low costs of running an online store

Online stores are a great option for those who want to run their own business without the absorbing costs associated with a traditional stationary store.


One of the most important advantages of online trading is low running costs. For your online store to function, you only need to pay annually for hosting and domain

Modułowa, wygodna sofa
Długość: 200 cm
Szerokość: 120 cm

Doniczka ceramiczna
Wysokość: 46 cm
Szerokość: 25 cm

Bambusowe ramki na zdjęcia
2x 30x40cm
2x 30x30cm
2x 20x20cm

Sklepy internetowe AJAX

No hidden fees

As a creator of online stores, I offer a transparent and honest approach to the client. You will not find hidden payments or subscription models with me that will surprise you after the project is completed.

Full control over your store

After completing the store, you become its full owners and have full freedom to edit the content of the website. Do you want to add new products, change categories, or adapt the page to the current promotion? No problem! You can do it yourself, at no extra cost.

Remember, however, that I am always at your disposal should you need support or technical assistance.

Are you considering opening an online store? Remember about low running costs – this is certainly one of the many reasons why you should focus on e-commerce. I encourage you to contact us – I will be happy to answer all your questions and dispel any doubts.

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I highly recommend, very good contact and the technical aspects of the website were communicated to me in an understandable way, full professionalism.
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I recommend it, I commissioned the modernization of the old website, at every stage it showed professionalism and determination to meet expectations. The site looks great now.


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Frequently asked questions

Here you will find the most frequently asked questions and answers. Remember that you can write to me if you have any other question.

Designing an online store involves several important steps, such as requirements analysis, user interface design, functionality development, testing, and deployment. Each of these stages is important for creating an effective and attractive online store.

Yes, there are key elements that are essential in most online stores. These include: a home page with a clear layout, product categories, a search engine, a shopping cart, an ordering process and a customer area where users can manage their data.

  • Responsiveness is extremely important. Your online store should be adapted to various devices, such as computers, tablets and mobile phones. This improves the user experience and can affect your position in Google search results.

Yes, the world of online store design is subject to trends. Currently, minimalist and clean designs, personalization of content for users, fast page loading and integration with social media for better interaction with customers are popular.

UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) refer to user experience and user interface respectively. Good UX and UI make navigation around the store intuitive, aesthetic and satisfying for customers. This is crucial for increasing conversions and customer loyalty.

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