Do you want your website to attract readers every day for years? I also deal with website positioning using a proprietary solution with artificial intelligence. Thanks to this, I am able to create articles or subpages with full-fledged text with a length of 6,000 to 10,000 words.


These articles are created several times faster than when writing all the text by hand. As a result, the customer, i.e. you, saves not only time but also a large amount of money.


Thanks to my positioning, your website will be high in the search results for given key phrases that are entered into the search engine by a potential customer.

Why is it worth commissioning website positioning?

The answer is simple: time and knowledge. When working on SEO on your own, it can take months or even years to learn all the techniques and strategies. Many hours in front of the computer, assimilating a large amount of information – it can be overwhelming. A person dealing with positioning has the knowledge and experience that allows for effective work from the very beginning.


When it comes to time, website positioning is a long-term process. There are no quick point solutions that can lead to magical success. It is constant and regular work, monitoring changes in Google algorithms and adjusting strategies.


Outsourcing website positioning is also a kind of quality guarantee. I and others dealing with website positioning have the right tools and procedures that anticipate possible problems and find solutions to them before they even appear.


In addition, professional SEO specialists are up to date with the latest trends in the industry. Techniques used some time ago may no longer be effective and may even lead to penalties from Google. An SEO expert knows how to adjust the strategy so that it is in line with the latest search engine guidelines.


To sum up, ordering website positioning is an investment not only in the visibility of your brand on the web, but also saves time and energy for learning and constantly updating your knowledge about SEO.

AI website positioning - details of my offer

How exactly do my articles differ from others or from a copywriter who writes everything himself? I invite you to fully read my offer to understand the full potential of my application.

1. Other AI positioning offers

Let’s start with the fact that many people offer website positioning with the help of artificial intelligence. But in most cases it’s not worth using, why?


Many of them use the GPT chat interface – which has been talked about lately, and what’s worse, they use the free version which is quite limited “mentally”. It is based on the database available until 2021. Admittedly, these are very valuable data, but in order to stand out among the competition, you need to be up to date with all trends. Additionally, the quality of interpreting commands and remembering them is very limited, so any complex commands simply don’t make sense.


To sum up, this is how you can write an article in the free version of GPT chat, but such an article will probably be considered spam, and its position in google will be 99+, so it would be more helpful for the site if it wasn’t there 🙂 

2. Proprietary website positioning solution

Okay, so what’s different from the others? The fact that I created my own application connecting via the API key of the paid open AI version. This application works in such a way that it is constantly learning how to act and does not forget the experience gained while writing recent articles. She is fully aware of what she has already written so she will not write 5000 words about nothing or the same thing generating spam. This application is able to remember up to 16,000 words for a single article from the command and task to create an article, why is it so important?


The application first checks the top 5 websites in a given industry, from which it downloads as many of the best solutions of the competition as possible, their keywords, the length of the articles and the HTML schemes contained in them. Then, bearing in mind the competition, she creates an article about which I will give her. The article he generates is completely free of plagiarism, he does not copy sentences and creates his own. A further description of the application’s operation can be found below, because this is the very “tip” of its capabilities.

Proprietary solution


I created an application thanks to which I am able to check dozens of competition websites to catch their strongest points.

Jakość tekstu

The quality of the text written by my application is constantly checked by a number of systems in terms of style, spelling and the overall value of the article

Autorytet merytoryczny

I will create a large number of valuable articles for your website, thanks to which you will gain authority and Google will have to show your content high.

3. Quality of text and science of your website

The quality of the text that is generated is always consistent with the subject, not duplicated and checked by another tool whose task is to check the text for any slips or stylistic errors. The text is easy for everyone to read, because it does not contain technical vocabulary or too simple.

In addition, each generated article is saved in the application’s memory. The artificial intelligence knows exactly what articles are already available on your website, thanks to which it automatically creates internal links in the articles.


For example. Your website is a shoe store. You have offers to sell 4 models of sports shoes. An article written by applications will know this and instead of writing about the models you don’t sell, it will write about the ones you sell and link to them. An example of such a shop module can be found here. The article was written only according to the items that are already available on the website.


Normally, in order to position pages, I do not create such articles, but I use the main module of the application that creates a very long exhaustive text topic. Why? Having a new page, or a page that is no longer positioned somehow, it is very important to be different from the rest. What can we offer so that Google notices us? Create a very good and long article that gives valuable text to the reader using a lot of HTML formatting, photos and internal and external links.

4. One click and .... done?

Well, no … Creating an article that will be well positioned will take a lot of time anyway. In order to create a high-quality article, you need to do a number of steps, namely:


  1. Create an authority map.
  2. Plan the structure of the article, create headlines of the right size and quantity H1 -> H2 -> H3 -> H4
  3. Add as much HTML formatting as possible to the texts.
  4. Edit the text and take care of the right amount of not only individual keywords but also semantic keywords.
  5. Add appropriate photos and graphics to the article in the right places, their number depends on the length of the text.
  6. Create an internal linking structure for your website.
  7. Create external linking if possible (e.g. when describing a product, you should add an outbound link to the manufacturer’s website).
  8. Create an FAQ   


Just what for? Each of these activities and a few more – more technical ones, have a very positive effect on the positioning not only of a particular article, but also of the entire website. All this is created so that over time your website will climb very strongly in the ranking. With only 4 articles where each single has 8 internal links and 3 external links, you will have a total of 32 internal and 12 external links. Now think when over time you will have 50 articles. This will create a very strong substantive authority

5. Topic authority

There are many ways to position. I chose one of the most effective and newest techniques. It is dedicated to new websites and those that have difficulties with positioning.


It consists in creating many valuable articles about topics related to your website. For example, if you run an online fishing equipment store, I will create a rich keyword map covering the breadth of fishing topics: the best lures, rods, hooks, fishing techniques, and even information not directly related to the store, such as the best fisheries in Poland. This way, having an authority map for keywords that includes dozens or even hundreds of phrases for which I will be able to write relevant articles.

Sample articles created with the help of my application

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They already trusted me

Graphic designer
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The cooperation went very well, he created a beautiful functional and responsive and, above all, modern-looking website for my portfolio.
Trainer Eve
Trainer Eve
The owner of the Fitness Room
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I highly recommend, very good contact and the technical aspects of the website were communicated to me in an understandable way, full professionalism.
Car workshop owner
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I recommend it, I commissioned the modernization of the old website, at every stage it showed professionalism and determination to meet expectations. The site looks great now.

Frequently asked questions

Here you will find the most frequently asked questions and answers. Remember that you can write to me if you have any other question.

Artificial intelligence can help in positioning a website by analyzing data, identifying keywords, optimizing content, monitoring competition and providing analytical data, which contributes to improving the visibility and position of the website in search results.

Unfortunately no, the application was never really intended to be released to the “market”, therefore it is not very friendly for people unfamiliar with the subject. In short, it is simply a command console into which you enter the appropriate commands. The project was to be used at the beginning as a “test” for my website, after analyzing the effects and costs associated with it, I decided to add it as a service.

Website positioning using artificial intelligence can be effective for most industries. Artificial intelligence can provide valuable information about competitors, analyze market trends, optimize content and monitor results. All of this helps to achieve better visibility and ranking in search engines, regardless of the industry, although the competition and complexity of the market can affect the speed and results of positioning.

The time needed to position a website using artificial intelligence depends on many factors, such as the current state of the website, competitiveness of the industry, scope of work and expected goals. In most cases, this process can take from several weeks to several months, depending on the complexity and size of the project.

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