My name is Adrian and I create websites, graphics and 3D models

and I’m learning PHP programming for the Symfony framework. I design websites in WordPress, create 3D models, animations and advertisements in Blender and Unreal Engine 5. I create beautiful graphics, logos and other graphic designs.

I can: manage MySQL databases, use the GIT environment, build simple websites in the Symfony + Docker environment, build any type of website on WordPress using original solutions and interfere with the code. I also deal with SEO positioning
I have always been interested in the latest technology and solutions. I am a technology enthusiast and I like to look for new ways to use it in everyday life. I am eager to follow technological innovations and I am constantly looking for new opportunities and tools that can help me develop and improve my projects. I am aware that technology has a big impact on our lives and I want to make the most of its possibilities. I am also interested in the “inside” of technology. Integration into open-source application code, wordpress or AI, whatever I do, I always want to understand why and how a given technology works, it’s one thing if someone can do something, but how to understand which script is responsible for it and what it does is another.

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Thanks to this I can work

For creating graphics and 3D models

RTX 3090

Thanks to the RTX 3090 24GB graphics card and the AMD Ryzen 7 5800 processor, the computer is able to render graphics like the one next to in 4k (4096×3112) within nine seconds
For website work

MSI Optix

Two curved 30-inch screens from MSI allow me to work on all responsive modes at once. Thanks to their ability to save responsive mode presets, I can move between the views of a wide computer screen, the most popular 1920×1080 screen, laptop screen, tablet and smartphones with one click.

Webmaster, Graphics and 3D Models

My skills

Website design

I create aesthetic and functional websites. Thanks to my knowledge and experience, I can adjust the website to the needs and expectations of the client. My projects are characterized by advanced functionality, transparency and attractive appearance. I always try to be up to date with the latest trends in web design, so that my projects are not only aesthetic, but also fully responsive and use the latest technology.

Plugins and themes

I learn how to build WordPress themes and plugins, improve them and combine them with functions, in this way I am able to create fast and modern websites. I have a rich database of purchased plugins and themes, and the result of the fact that I like to play with code is creating themes like this.

Graphics and logos

I create graphics on every topic, starting from sticker designs to graphics for the “hero” section, ending with the logo

Parallax graphics

I am able to create fully animated parallax graphics. The whole phenomenon of parallax consists mainly in the fact that with the scrolling of the page or the movement of the mouse cursor, the elements visible on the website begin to move, which creates the impression of space and depth of the image.


In addition to models, I also do animations. Be it in Blender or Unreal Engine 5. It can be an animation of a moving car, an environment or even an advertisement for a drink.

3D models and renders

I create 3D models of various things in Blender and fully texture them. I also make renders of my models or ready ones that look so realistic that sometimes it’s hard to tell if it’s not a photo.

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and I will create a detailed valuation of your project for free. Remember that I create websites of all kinds. I am able to answer within an hour and completely help with your project, when you do not know much about creating websites, I will choose and come up with everything for you!